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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More About The Story-Killers

The new education fad called Common Core being implemented in 45 states and the District of Columbia. Common Core is a top-down scheme hatched by two Washington, D.C. lobbying organizations, promoted by wealthy philanthropists, and pushed by federal bureaucrats. These uniform standards will eventually result in a national curriculum because schools will have to “align” to required tests. Common Core mandates collection and distribution of personally identifiable student information. It ends local control of education, and invades student privacy. Common Core promoters argue that we must adopt its standards or else students won’t be “career and college ready” and unable to succeed in “twenty-first century global competition.” Common Core promotes “job training” and “workforce preparation.” But education is not only about getting a job, nor is it only about attending college. Education is meant to prepare individuals for life as well-informed and independent citizens.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Parents and Teachers Don't Like Common Core

The trendy and heavily-advertised plan to nationalize school curriculum is called Common Core, but its innovative plans have never been field-tested. Among other reasons why parents and teachers don't like it, is that it has created a tremendous money-making business for private companies that advertise their products as "aligned" with Common Core. "Aligned" has become the magic word to promote sales. California has allocated $1 billion in the current school year to pay for adopting Common Core. For example, now available for purchase is a set of 500-page books called "SpringBoard, Student Edition" which is advertised on the cover to be "The College Board's official Pre-AP program." There is a book for each middle-school and each high-school level that includes large spaces where students can write their answers and comments.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Gun Control Backfires in China

Like all totalitarian regimes, Communist China has strict gun control. Ordinary citizens are not allowed to have guns for their safety. The reason is obvious: an armed citizenry is more difficult for a dictatorship to control. One of the first things Fidel Castro did after seizing power in Cuba in the late 1950s was to take away guns from the Cuban people.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Interview: Steve Deace — Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win

Suppose you were conservative. And suppose you wanted to win a culture war. What would your game plan be? Our guest will share 10 strategic commandments for victory.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

What Is a Dangan?

In my last broadcast, I told you that the Chinese Communists keep tight control over their citizens by maintaining a personal file called a dangan on every citizen. Those files are written on paper, filed in manila folders, and stored in shelves from floor to ceiling in large warehouses that contains millions of these files. Several years ago, a reporter for the New York Times managed to get inside one of those warehouses and report on what he saw. The Chinese government opens a file on every citizen when the kid enters elementary school, and then shadows him throughout his life, following him through high school, college and into the workforce. The dangan contains political evaluations from supervisors and government officials that affect the person's career prospects and permission to travel. A dangan is particularly important for government officials, professors, students, and Communist Party members.