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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Iran Deal Issues

President Obama’s deal with Iran is coming under attack from all sides. Countries in the Middle East, including our ally Israel, have come out against the deal because of the threat that Iran would pose to them with nuclear weapons. Conservative Americans are against the deal because of the nuclear weapon issue and also because of the economic impact of lifting sanctions on Iran. Even Democrats are starting to break party lines and come out against the deal because of the danger that it will pose to America and the world. Clearly, everyone can see that the deal has serious flaws and we should have sent somebody who knows how to negotiate.

Why Mrs. Obama went to Princeton

Philip Greenspun writes:
Some of my women friends on Facebook have been promoting “Michelle Obama Dropped Some Wisdom Every Young Girl Should Hear,” a story in which America’s First Lady gives the following advice:
If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the president of the United States today.
Is there a way to read this other than “Getting an education was primarily important because it enabled me to marry a richer and more powerful husband”? And, if not, why are women who style themselves as feminists (a version of feminism that is rather evolved from the 1970s “equality feminism” because many of those who liked this on Facebook have themselves chosen to marry high-income men and withdraw from the workforce) enthusiastic about this statement?

Monday, October 05, 2015

Explaining support for Trump

Russian-American Libertarian law professor Ilya Somin writes in a USA Today op-ed:
Despite some recent stumbles in his campaign, the most dramatic development of the 2016 presidential race has been the meteoric ascent of Donald Trump to the status of front-runner for the Republican nomination. Trump’s rise is a particularly blatant example of a much deeper problem at the heart of modern democracy: widespread voter ignorance.

Trump’s success so far is in large part the result of an almost perfect storm of political ignorance.
He is a big advocate of open borders, and his main argument is that people who are against immigration are too stupid to appreciate the benefits of unlimited immigration. Furthermore, he complains that much of the support for Donald Trump comes from middle class voters, and not from the more educated rich businessmen who profit from importing cheap labor.

Somin is a good example of libertarians living in a fantasy world where everyone is a libertarian sharing his elitist values.

Support for Trump can be explained by 3 things: he believes in America first, he wants to limit immigration, and he has a backbone.

The Unconstitutional Iran Deal

As Americans learn the dangerous details of President Obama’s deal with Iran, Republican leaders should admit their mistake in passing Republican Senator Bob Corker’s bill that reversed our constitutional process for treaty ratification. Instead of a treaty requiring approval from two-thirds of the Senate, the Corker bill allows the Iran deal to be disapproved by a simple majority in both Houses of Congress, which could be subject to a certain presidential veto. Under the Corker procedure, Obama can make a nuclear arms treaty involving Iran with the concurrence of just one-third of each house of Congress, instead of two-thirds of Senators as the Constitution specifies. As Senator Tom Cotton said when he voted against the Corker bill, “A nuclear-arms agreement with any adversary-especially the terror-sponsoring, Islamist Iranian regime-should be submitted as a treaty and obtain a two-thirds majority vote in the Senate as required by the Constitution.”

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Ann Coulter – Adios, America: The Immigration Crisis

A strange cartel of greedy and delusional characters are making a fortune off illegal immigration. Who are these people? Ann Coulter joins us to outline why illegal immigration is the most important issue facing our nation.

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