Eagle Forum Legislative Alerts

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Cornell Students Push Unconstitutional Diversity Reforms

Some students at Cornell University think political correctness is more important than common sense. An open forum was held to discuss problems with Cornell’s student governing organization called the Student Assembly. The meeting was called to address the representation of minority students. Minorities are already represented by special liaison positions for international students, LGBT students, female students, and others. However, that was not enough for some liberal young people. They demanded more minority representatives.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Religious Freedom Attacked In Texas

A battle over religious freedom has finally ended for a small town in Texas. The city of Port Neches was sued last fall for having a nine-foot tall cement cross in a public park. The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation initiated a lawsuit to remove it after claiming to receive an anonymous complaint from one of the 13,000 residents of Port Neches. The city chose to sell the 400-square foot plot of land that the cross stands on to render the suit void. The land was sold to a local church for 100 dollars.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Democrats’ Nasty Tricks

Most states do not allow felons convicted of serious crimes to vote or serve on juries. Obviously, we do not want people who show such clear disregard for our laws to decide who makes laws or how they are carried out. However, Democrats care more about votes than law and justice. The Democratic governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, is a close friend of Hillary Clinton. McAuliffe will automatically be out of work in less than two years because Virginia does not allow a governor to run for reelection. McAuliffe realizes that Hillary needs Virginia to win in November. McAuliffe could then gracefully accept a high-level position in the Clinton Administration after his term ends.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Judicial Supremacy And Montana’s Immigration Law

The judicial supremacists in Montana are at it again. The Montana Supreme Court overruled a common sense law supported by 80 percent of the voters. The law denied state benefits to illegal aliens, including unemployment compensation and university financial aid. The law also required the state to report illegal aliens to federal immigration officials for deportation. However, supremacist judges on the Montana Supreme Court called this common sense and popular law “unconstitutional” because it denies benefits to illegals. The law was taken to court by liberal immigrant advocacy groups.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oklahoma Votes To End Abortion

The Oklahoma legislature took a bold step in the fight against abortion. Republican Senator Nathan Dahm introduced a bill that would effectively end abortion in Oklahoma altogether. The measure would stop any abortionist from renewing his medical license in the state. The doctor could also be charged with a felony and sentenced to three years in prison. No state legislature has ever passed a bill that would take such a strong stand against abortion. However, the measure passed on an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 33 to 12. The measure passed in the House by a vote of 59 in favor and only 9 opposed. Clearly, these legislators understand that the people of Oklahoma do not want abortion in their state. Unfortunately, Governor Mary Fallin ignored the will of her constituents and vetoed the bill.