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Friday, January 15, 2010

Gay Lobby Takes Its Lumps

In the last months of 2009, the advocates of traditional marriage have enjoyed some important victories in controversies where they were predicted to lose, or at least to end up in a very close race. The New York State Senate defeated same-sex marriage by a large margin after predictions that the vote would be very close.

New Jersey scored another significant victory for traditional marriage. Voters defeated New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine, a Democrat and a supporter of same-sex marriage, by electing as Governor Chris Christie, a Republican who opposes same-sex marriage.

The most important recent victory for traditional marriage was when the state of Maine became the 31st state to reject same-sex marriage on a referendum. Many people were in shock about the result because the gays massively outspent the people who support traditional marriage. The gays also had been expected to win because New England is the section of the country most favorable to same-sex marriage.

This Maine referendum gives us another lesson; it shows that the gay lobby is a serious threat to freedom of conscience. The gays filed an official complaint against a high school guidance counselor, Don Mendell, accusing him of violating the code of ethics of the National Association of Social Workers because of his public opposition to same-sex marriage on the ballot referendum. The complaint, filed with the state agency that licenses social workers, calls on the agency to revoke Mendell's social work license. In other words, Mendell is being threatened with loss of his professional career and livelihood because of his opposition to the gay rights lobby. Fortunately, the Alliance Defense Fund is representing Mendell, but the case really shows that the homosexual lobby not only wants to legalize same-sex marriage, but also wants to suppress everyone's right to speak out against it.

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