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Friday, October 23, 2009

Don’t Let the UN Raise Our Children

Tomorrow, some people will be celebrating United Nations Day. I'm going to celebrate today by urging the U.S. Senate never to ratify the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child. Old UNratified treaties never die. They remain in the bottom drawer of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee so that globalists can resurrect them later. Back in 1995, President Bill Clinton signed the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, but the U.S. Senate never ratified it. “Convention” is the UN word that means treaty. Our friend, Senator Jesse Helms, kept this bad treaty locked up in the bottom drawer for many years, but now we no longer have Jesse Helms to protect us against the globalists who want to push America into world government, so we must be on the alert to see that the Senate does NOT ratify any UN treaties.

The UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child would give a whole list of so-called rights to children. Let me tell you about some of its ridiculous provisions. Suppose your tell your child to turn off the television and do his homework. Your child can respond: No! I now have my UN right to get information of all kinds through the “media of [my] choice” and from “international sources.” If you try to stop your child from sassing you at the dinner table, he can reply: No! I now have now UN right to express my own views “freely in all matters.” If you tell your child to do some household chores, he can refuse, saying: No! I have my UN right to "rest and leisure." If you tell your child to get dressed to go to church with you on Sunday, he can reply: No! I now have my UN right to “freedom of religion” and I’ve decided to join a cult instead of going to your church, and you can’t stop me.

This UN Treaty also sets up a committee of so-called UN “experts” to monitor
compliance with this outrageous attack on parents’ rights to raise their children. Tell your U.S. Senators that they should never ratify the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child.

Audio version of this commentary.

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