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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China Selling Us the Rope to Hang Us

On the eve of a visit to the United States in October by Communist China's No. 2 ranking military officer, Gen. Xu Caihou, President Obama issued what is called a "presidential determination" that loosened export controls on technology to benefit Chinese missile development. Obama altered a key provision of the 1999 Defense Authorization Act, which had required that the President notify Congress whether a proposed transfer of missile and space technology to China would harm the U.S. space-launch program or help China's missile program. Loral Space and Communications was allowed to provide 200 pages of data to China to correct the guidance system problems in their rockets, which had been blowing up 3/4th of the time.

Communist China is very crafty about its foreign trade and foreign aid. China is cash-rich with its sales of products in the U.S. market, and so China is using foreign aid to promote its strategy for global domination. From Pakistan to Angola, China is using its tens of billions of dollars of U.S. dollars to gain access to natural resources in Africa, to sign up business contracts for its government-owned companies, to make diplomatic alliances, and to win the support of the developing world. China gives poor nations easy credit to buy all sorts of expensive improvements, and doesn't make any Western-style demands for political or economic reforms.

There's always a catch in China's foreign-aid gifts, and we can see the results of China's policies in new roads, power plants, and telecommunication networks all across Africa. China has financed more than 200 such projects since 2001. The Chinese loan must be used to buy goods or services from Chinese companies designated by Chinese officials, most of which are government-controlled. There is no such things as competitive bidding, and all contract terms and costs are shrouded in secrecy.

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Anonymous said...

"The China Fantasy" is a good, yet brief, book on the topic of China using us. They've got this "Art of War" book from one of their top ancients. They are tricky.

Anonymous said...

A work of fiction written in the 1996 or so predicted China's behavior.The book was also pretty good at guessing what Iran would do.

"Dragons in the Surf".

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