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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dee Wampler — Taking Christmas out of Schools

Out of fear of the ACLU, many school administrators and teachers are removing any mention of Christmas in schools. An expert attorney will explain the effect of these measures and what you can do to fight back!

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Donna Woodrum Secretary/IT Director said...

According to the No Child Left Behind Act, Section 9524 Prayer in School - Anything to do with Christmas, including saying, "Merry Christmas" is protected free speech.
If any group meets in the auditorium, then a Christmas pageant may be held in the same auditorium, AS LONG AS private citizens (moms, dads, and kids) put the pageant on.
The school cannot refuse to accommodate such activity by not permitting union people to set the room up, turn on the electricity, heat, etc. We have the right to Freedom of Religious expression, even in public schools, and this law gives us that permission.
More parents need to know their rights under this law, and children need to be reassured that they can bring religious materials to school and can read and talk about them in non-class times and in non-class places - lunch rooms at lunch time, the open areas for PE, at the flag pole. Teachers and administrators MAY NOT interfere with these times for religious expression. Also, if a child needs to leave the school for religious purposes (learning Christmas carols for the Christmas pageant, i.e.), then the school has to let them go, and they cannot penalize the child for going, nor can they penalize children who do NOT leave for religious instructions off campus. The teachers and admin must remain neutral.
Religious expression is allowed in school work, such as depicting Christmas with a drawing of a crucifix.
The ACLU knows this law, and still they violate it consistently when Christians express their right to the free exercise of their religious rights, as guaranteed in the 2nd half of the 1st Amendment.
Congress shall not make a law establishing religion, NOR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.

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