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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Feminists Don't Believe in Choice

One of the major goals of the feminist movement has been to get all wives and mothers out of the home and into the workforce, and women are now half of the workforce in America. Women's percentage in the labor force keeps rising because of who is going to college. Thirty years ago, the ratio of males to females on college campuses was 60-40; but now it's 40-60, and women receive the majority of college degrees.

But the feminists still are not satisfied. They are griping because women students choose humanities majors that lead to lesser paid jobs than male students, who in larger numbers choose engineering, math and science. The feminists want government to remedy this gender difference by bribing women with taxpayers' money to make other choices.

The feminists continue to push hard for aggressive use of Title IX, which bans sex discrimination in schools and colleges. Feminist misuse of Title IX has forced colleges to eliminate thousands of men's teams, including many championship teams and more that 450 wrestling teams. The feminists call this process "Title-Nining." They are now using phony charges of gender bias to demand that colleges spend millions of dollars to increase the number of women in math and science at the expense of men.

The feminists whine endlessly with their favorite word "choice" in matters of abortion, but they reject choice when it comes to college and career decisions. They want to prevent women from ever choosing to be a fulltime homemaker. The French woman who is recognized as the Big Mama of the feminist movement, Simone de Beauvoir, said, "No woman should have the choice to stay at home to raise her children ... precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one." So, when feminists cry "choice" about abortion, ask them about women's right to choose to be a fulltime homemaker.

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