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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Alabama Eagle Forum President Eunie Smith to speak at "Welcome Back Rally" Jan. 19th


The Shoals Patriots and Athens/Limestone Patriots are hosting a Statewide "Winter Welcome Back Rally" in Montgomery, AL. Several Alabama Tea Party organizers are working to insure the success of this rally.

Our goal is to encourage legislators to pass a State Sovereignty and Gun Rights Resolution during the 2010 Session!!

January 19, 2010
Alabama State House
South Union Street
Montgomery, AL
Noon - 1 p.m.

You may say, "Why January? It's too cold!" This is a "WORKING RALLY"! Our legislators are in for the normal session and it is only 15 weeks, so we must start early to get this legislation passed! In order for the resolution to pass it must go through the House, Senate and the Governor. We cannot afford to miss this chance!

Below are more reasons this rally is important:

This will be the 3rd time this State Sovereignty Resolution has been introduced in the House by Rep. Mac Gipson. Not only does this Resolution mention our 9th and 10th amendment rights, but it mentions our 2nd amendment rights (Right to Bear Arms) as well. Clearly this Resolution isn't going to pass itself. The RULES Committee has held it up in the past and may not let it onto the House floor for a vote!! We must unite as a State and show our support!!

A "Special Meeting" with Committee Members is scheduled for 11 a.m. You assistance is needed to urge these committee members of the importance of this meeting and Legislation. A list of committee members and their contact information will be listed on this site.

This is an important way that Alabama can send a message to
Washington, D.C. - "Hands off our State's Rights!!" This
resolution is the State's way of serving notice and demand to
the Federal Government to cease and desist any and all activities outside the scope of their constitutionally-delegated powers. This is nothing radical, (We are NOT promoting Secession!). This is the State's legal way of reminding the Federal Government of what is plainly stated in the U.S. Constitution.

IF our efforts fail to stop Cap & Trade, National Health Care and SEVERAL other bills/treaties on the Federal level, we will then rely on our State to defend our God-given rights! This resolution is the first step in that direction. Alabama is OUR 2nd line of defense! We are not alone in this. Alaska & Tennessee have already passed similar resolutions and other states are in the process.

This Rally will give our state legislators a chance to meet and see us. We want our message to be clear-- "Save Our State"!

If you share these concerns, please join us at "The Winter Welcome Back" Rally. Let's stand together to get this important piece of legislation passed THIS session! This is YOUR chance to make a difference for YOU and YOUR

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Deborah said...

Thanks for the info on the "Welcome Back Rally". This is a StateWide effort in support of State's Rights Legislation.

Wear our Unity Color at the Rally -- RED!

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