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Friday, January 01, 2010

Campus Reform Website for Conservatives

A new website is equipping conservatives on college campuses for effective activism and leadership. The website, www.campusreform.org, is sponsored by the Leadership Institute to provide a "one-stop resource, networking, and instruction center for conservative activists to take back their campuses from leftist domination." The website uses up-to-date communications technologies to provide information and talking points about limited government, the free market, national defense, and traditional values. This website will make possible a new generation of student activism to identify, expose, and combat the radical left on college campuses.

This new website will have a national blog page with posts and links to articles of special interest to campus conservatives. Conservative groups will be able to use the national blog to report on successful events and to share other information that campus leaders nationwide will find useful. Users can access pages for all 2,376 four-year colleges in the United States. Each college page contains information about that college's conservative groups, as well as blog pages and discussion forums that conservatives can use to discuss issues specific to their own locations.

This website also enables students to network with conservatives on other campuses, and to other national groups and resources that many will find useful, such as 34 legal defense groups that work to protect free speech on campus. The website will provide links to help with fundraising, publicity, and creative activism. If you want to know more, go to www.campusreform.org.

I speak frequently at colleges and universities, so I can tell you that this website will be a very important tool for conservative students to combat leftist abuses on campuses.

Listen to this commentary:

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