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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The NEA Recommends Reading Saul Alinsky

The National Education Association (known as the NEA) is the most powerful teachers union in the country. The NEA is a big supporter of Barack Obama and of his trillion-dollar spending programs. The NEA is constantly training its members for political action so they will elect public officials who endorse NEA policies. It is significant that the NEA website is now recommending two books by the radical Chicago organizer Saul Alinsky. One is called Reveille for Radicals and the other Rules for Radicals. Saul Alinsky was a radical who achieved power by teaching people that we live in an unjust and oppressive society, and by training community organizers to lead mass demonstrations to take money and power away from those who have those things.

You can get a good idea of Alinsky's purposes by reading the dedication in his book Rules for Radicals. He dedicated this book to Lucifer, whom Alinsky identified as the first radical who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he won his own kingdom. Lucifer is quite a model for Alinsky-trained radicals.

Alinsky developed a list of Rules for Radicals, and the National Education Association has put them on the internet in the hope that liberals will use them to take power. Alinsky wrote that "The organizer's first job is to create the issues," then "rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan their hostilities," "stir up dissatisfaction," and provoke class resentment through creating public discontent and moral confusion.

Barack Obama was well trained in Saul Alinsky methods before he went into politics. It looks like Obama will be assisted by an army of Alinsky-trained activists in the National Education Association.

Listen to this commentary:


Anonymous said...

The general public, that is at least half of them are unhappy with most of the Progressive / Socialist / Communist ideology being forced on them by Obama and the radical left. We have a real problem in that the public fails to a large extent to really get involved fighting against it. They are lazy and depend on someone else to fix it as well as being grossly misinformed. It is this lack of involvement as well as ignorance, that has partially enabled the far left Marxist ideologues to dominate politics and education. The other half is our anti-American Leftist / Liberal Media and Media / Press who are proponents of that ideology and defenders of those that use and advocate Alinsky tactics and politics. Our far left pro Marxist / Progressive / Socialist University faculty produce a new batch of clones every five months of which Journalists are prime examples of that brainwashing experience.
The NEA and AFT and all the other Labor Unions are also Socialist / Progressive if not pro Marxist “and” they are rabid activists in enforcing their political ideology. Both Sweeney and Stern were members or were intimately involved with the Democrat Socialists of America and the Socialist Party USA.
If not for “talk radio” and web sites like this, we the public would know little of what is really going on. Our anti-American Media / Press is sure not going to tell us.
Everyone should copy the URL and article and forward it to everyone you know. Be sure to copy the URL so others can go back to the website to read more and / or forward the e-mail to your friends.

Anonymous said...

I would say that the American Public at-large is grossly misinformed. This has enabled politicians of both agendas to twist the masses to achieve their purposes. The only way to combat this problem is by people being encouraged to join the conversations and participate in the political process. Education (self and from others) is one potential remedy to this problem.

Anonymous said...

Rules for Radicals by Alinsky, 1971 is dedicated inside to Lucifer.

There were protestors and demonstrators (communist agitators, sympathizers, and US flag burners) mixed in with the mulititudes of citizens, students, hippies, ... in major cities (Chicago) during the Vietnam War (61--73) with various communist flags - Soviet Union (Communist Russia), North Vietnam (Communist North Vietnam), China (Communist China) not to mention all the spitters and egg throwers challenging US military servicemen in uniform arriving home at major airports;soldiers no longer have their green service uniforms.

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