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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Save Lives in Haiti, End Lives in America?

While White House press secretary Robert Gibbs was announcing Friday all that the present administration was doing to save lives in Haiti, he reported that President Barack Obama was meeting with both the House and Senate Democrats to resolve how they could provide federal funds via Obamacare to terminate more American lives in the womb.
Is it not incongruous to anyone else that our president, who professes to be an advocate for all minorities, isn't one for the most disadvantaged to survival? What type of "health care" is that for the least among (and within) us?
Save lives in Haiti, end lives in America? What an utterly contradictory presidential plan and policy, especially for a man who claims to be an activist for the underprivileged. What a stark and tragic contradiction in agendas, aids, ethics and the value of human life.

Read entire article at Human Events

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Anonymous said...

I do not support abortion. However, I do support his efforts to help Haitians. How can anyone watch such destruction and not be moved by it?

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