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Monday, January 04, 2010

Standards of domestic maintenance

I happened to catch about 2 minutes of NY Times columnist Gail Collins on C-SPAN2 TV plugging her lasted book. First she complained that Phyllis Schlafly made ridiculous arguments against ERA in the 1970s, but no one could prove her wrong. Then she moved on to more present-day threats to women's equality, and said:
Guys' standards of domestic maintenance are way way lower.
I think she was trying to say that wives cannot get this husbands to do half the housework, because the husbands do not see the necessity of much of the work.


ann said...

I saw part of that, too. I sometimes watch BookTV on CSPAN, but I turned it immediately when I heard her talking about women's dress. I thought, "this is either about fashion or feminism and, either way, I'm not interested."

mburns said...

then again, maybe some of them are working during the day while the wife is at home?

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