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Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Some Kids Don't Do Well in School

I read an interesting article in the Washington Post recently and I'd like to share it with you. In a high school in Alexandria, Virginia, the teacher of an all-black class was exasperated at how poorly the kids are performing. The class included both native-born African-Americans and kids from Africa. In a moment of exasperation, the teacher blurted out this question to the native-born students: "Why don't you guys study like the kids from Africa?" One of the African-American boys shot back the answer. He replied, "It's because they have fathers who kick their butts and make them study." Another student called out: "Ask the class, just ask how many of us have our fathers living with us." The teacher did ask the class, and not one hand went up.

The teacher said he was stunned. His students knew, even if the teacher hadn't realized it, that the lack of a father in their lives had undermined their education. The students had figured out, even if school teachers and administrators are in the dark, that the essential difference between kids who make it in school and those who don't, is whether they have a father in the home. It wasn't a matter of race; the African-Americans and the Africans were the same race. It wasn't because the school didn't have enough money; this particular school has so much money that it gives every student a laptop of his is own. The problem was the lack of fathers in the home.

And why didn't these kids have fathers in the home? For the majority of them, the reason was the liberal welfare system which transformed the people who were given free money called "welfare" into a society of single moms, a matriarchal society. Fathers were made unnecessary, even an impediment to a flow of free money. And now we see the terrible consequences. Congress passed, and Bill Clinton signed, welfare reform in 1996, but President Obama arranged to have those reforms repealed in his Stimulus bill last year.

Listen to this commentary:

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Anonymous said...

This has long been known - I read it in a book from the 1800's which was stuffed in some of my Grandmother's things and threw it away -- someone from back then gets credit for the quote, "The welfare state creates poverty." It offended me back then, because I was just a kid and couldn't conceive that the very people claiming they're trying to help could possibly be creatihg the problem.

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