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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Biggest Issue Is Unemployment

The biggest political issue today and in the 2010 election is that one in five Americans are jobless. The political party that offers a solution has the best chance of victory but, so far, both parties just don't seem to get it. We are told that the unemployment rate is 10.2%, but that's only part of the problem. When you add discouraged Americans who have quit looking for a job, plus the underemployed who are working only part-time but seeking a full-time job, the figure rises to 17.5%.

President Obama plunged America into incredible debt by telling us that his $787 billion Stimulus bill would "save or create" 3.5 million jobs. Now we know that was just "campaign oratory." Obama promised "shovel-ready" jobs, which gave us the mental image of construction workers in hard hats repairing our highways and bridges.

But while four out of five who lost their jobs were men, more than half the jobs created by the Stimulus were for women in education or government, where no hard hats are needed. That's because the feminists had a tantrum and demanded Stimulus jobs, and because Obama wants to make more people dependent on government rather than the private sector. That's what we call Socialism.

Many Stimulus jobs went to keep state and local government jobs from succumbing to budget cuts. That was a payoff to the public sector unions such as SEIU (whose president is now the most frequent White House guest), but the Stimulus does nothing to increase jobs in the real economy. The Stimulus money is a big failure; it didn't create jobs and it didn't revive the economy. Government spending never does. The only way to create jobs is to encourage private sector employers to hire more workers, and cutting taxes is the best route to recovery.

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