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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dr. Jerome Corsi's New Book Explains a Lot

Dr. Jerome Corsi's latest book, called America for Sale, is a superb explanation of our current economic recession. He titled his book America for Sale because a bankrupt business is essentially a business for sale, and the Obama Administration is spending our country into bankruptcy. The foreigners who hold so much American cash are ready to switch to a new global currency and use their dollars (before they lose all their value) to buy U.S. tangible assets. The result will be that foreign interests will end up owning important segments of U.S. private corporations and public infrastructure.

Dr. Corsi asks some troublesome questions, such as how will we protect ourselves against technological espionage if foreign nations are permitted to own controlling positions in important U.S. technological firms? Corsi reminds us that Obama's bailouts are not just a way for private companies such as General Motors to survive, but a way for government to take over the management of our private economy. We know the correct word for that is Socialism.

Dr. Corsi explains that the globalists know that free trade necessitates regional and ultimately global governance, and that economic integration inherently begets political integration. Ultimately, free trade is an assault on American sovereignty and independence. In Corsi's book, you will "meet the globalists" who are behind the plans to control our economy, destroy our dollar, and model our future on the European Union. Corsi wants Americans to understand that globalism will end up dismantling the American republic created by our U.S. Constitution.

Corsi ends his book with constructive solutions to resist global government, to reverse our dependence on foreign oil, and to strengthen our middle class. Corsi's book will help Americans to stand up and say "No" to all attacks on our sovereignty.

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Anonymous said...

I believe this is a curse: America cannot last too long without the BIBLE. GOD only allows debauchery for only so long...although it wasn't good a long time ago (i'm black) at least we had marriage and family-America and the constitution was created with bibical principles in mind--and the 3/5 clause was to eventually stop slavery;not because we were 3/5 human--the civil rights people let the socialists bully them into getting rid of the BIBLE-first in 1963, then no-fault divorce in 1968--then in 1973;abortion, pornography, and homosexual normalzing

Anonymous said...

I'm black btw and I didn't vote for Barack Obama; he's the son of a POLYGAMIST: if he didn't have any other problems, that is a big one....i'll add...Why were Stanley Dunhams parents concerned about what kind of religion her husband was(i think black/white marriages are beautiful though) too bad they weren't baptist..

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