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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

More Reasons Health Care Bill Must Be Rejected

Here are four more reasons why Obama's health care legislation should be rejected.

1. We are told that "everybody" will now be covered, but actually the health care bill creates a few winners but lots of losers. Universal health insurance will be achieved by forcing young people to pay the additional costs, and by rationing care for the elderly.

2. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights sent two letters to the President and congressional leaders warning about the discriminatory requirements in the Obama's health care bill to impose racist and sexist quotas. The bill requires that "priority" for federal grants be given to institutions offering "preferential" admissions to minorities of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, and religion. Institutions training social workers and psychologists will not be eligible for federal grants unless they enroll "individuals and groups from different [backgrounds], racial, ethnic, cultural, geographic, religious, linguistic, . . . gender and sexual orientation."

3. Obama's health care bill gives Medicare bureaucrats the power to ration health care by forcing doctors to prescribe cheaper medical devices and drugs, and those Medicare bureaucrats cannot be overruled. The health care bill takes jurisdiction away from the courts to hear any appeal from decisions of the new Medicare Commission. Primary-care doctors will be stuck with financial penalties if they refer too many patients to specialists.

4. The "wild card" in the health care bill is immigration." In the last 10 years, 60% of the increase in the uninsured occurred among Hispanics (millions of whom are in our country illegally), and President Obama's refusal to close our borders will make this problem more costly every year.

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