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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Young People Made a Bad Bargain with Obama

Young people voted for Barack Obama for President by 66% to 32%, but it's now clear they made a bad bargain. That's because three million young people now have no jobs. According to the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, the percentage of young men actually working is the lowest in the 61 years of record-keeping. The Center for Immigration Studies reports that there are an additional 18.7 million native-born Americans with only a high-school diploma or less who are not in the count of unemployed/underemployed because they are not even looking for a job.

The health care bill is another direct attack on the young people who voted for Obama. The Democrats' plan will force young people to buy insurance they don't want in order to subsidize expensive care of seniors. In addition, young people will be stuck with staggering debt hanging over them for the rest of their lives.

Obama's promise to allow 20 million illegal aliens stay in the United States is another broadside attack on the job prospects of young American men. The current employment of seven to eight million illegal aliens is a major cause of unemployment for our ample supply of native-born high school dropouts. Obama's immigration policy betrays our own black and white high school dropouts who desperately need entry-level and other minimum-wage jobs to start building a life.

We are constantly told we need these illegal aliens because of the "jobs Americans won't do." In reality, there are no such jobs, yet Obama is continuing to allow virtually unlimited numbers of low-skilled illegals, without even a high school education, to enter our country, take jobs from Americans who didn't complete high school, and depress wages for all low-paying jobs.

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