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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Homework: Get Your Parents To Fill out the Census

The U.S. Census Bureau has launched an aggressive campaign to get school children to influence their parents to participate in the 2010 Census. This is part of a $13 billion national public information effort, and will reach about 56 million students in 118,000 schools. The plan is to disseminate posters, maps, teaching guides and lesson plans to every school in the nation. Schools will have a Census Week shortly before the Census questionnaires are delivered to residential addresses this month. During Census Week, teachers will spend 15 minutes each day talking about civic participation. Extensive lesson plans for grades K-12 are designed to integrate census-related information into subjects such as history and math. The aim is to persuade children to persuade their families to be sure and fill out the census information. Teachers will emphasize the benefits of Census participation. Census population counts will determine how many Members of Congress each state will have in Congress and how much federal money each congressional District will get.

This census project is aimed particularly at households that don't speak English. A Chicago alderman told the press that “if a parent is unable to complete the census form, a student could fill it out since there are only 10 questions.” Low-income families that don't speak English well and are otherwise hard-to-count are a special target of the Census campaign. Take-home materials provided by the Census Bureau include materials translated into 28 languages. Census officials are also providing preschoolers with training in how to encourage their parents to participate in the census. Children at one elementary school in Florida performed a skit as part of a Census kick-off event. The skit portrayed a child who persuaded his family to allow a census worker into their home and help them fill out the form.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking back, I'm 75 yrs old, that means thinking way back, I remmeber my father and mother helping both my father and grandfather filling out the census when each was approx 27 and 47 respectively!

They were both from the "old country" - Italy - although my father was born in the USA my grand father had uprooted him so often he never got past the 4th grade (book wise but was a mathmatical wizzard) and of course both had a hard time reading and comprehending "American English". More so my Grandfather than my father who was a "kid-of-the-streets" for part of his life until a carpenter took him under his wing and there his calling began!

So you see, I can see, more than most Americans, since I am REALLY a first-born American so to speak, how natural it is for the children of newly naturalized older and ederly American Citizens must be helped with the 2010 census. It is NOT WORNG. It is PERFECTLY CORRECT.

God Bless the children who see the need to help their newly Naturalized relatives! Bena!

Orlando J. De Marco
Paris, Tn. 38242

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