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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Obama Panders to the Feminists

The American public was outraged when it became known that Majority Leader Harry Reid got the Senate health care bill passed by putting into the bill gigantic benefits for Louisiana and Nebraska only, which would be a big political benefit to Senators Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson. Those earmarks were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to those states only.

Now we find that President Obama is planning on paying off the feminists big-time for their support of his election to the presidency. When Obama presented his multi-trillion dollar budget, he declared with great fanfare that he was calling for a freeze in discretionary spending. Now we learn that there will be no freeze in the money going to feminist programs and organizations; in fact, they will get what the White House admits are "significant funding increases." A White House document describes 15 federal programs that will get increased funding to benefit the feminists.

Women were a key voting block for Obama in the 2008 election. Exit polling showed that 58% of female voters cast ballots for Obama. When talk about a spending freeze on discretionary spending surfaced in the House, the feminists had their usual tantrums and demanded that their programs be exempted from any freeze. Obama caved in to their demands and even included increases for the programs they care about. For example, Obama designated a 22% increase, an extra $117 million more than current funding, for Violence Against Women activities which already cost the taxpayers nearly a billion dollars a year. That's a Joe Biden project known as feminist pork because the money goes right into the hands of radical feminists whose main goal is to pursue their anti-male, anti-marriage ideology. There is much, much more for the feminists in Obama's budget including big increases for daycare and preferential subsidies for college women.

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