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Thursday, March 18, 2010

What's China Doing in Afghanistan?

Communist China is very busy now in Afghanistan -- but not to help us fight the Taliban. China is carrying on its own "surge" in Afghanistan behind an electrified fence and 53 police outposts. China is preparing to extract copper from one of the richest untapped deposits on earth -- it's a tremendous financial investment. A corporation owned by the Chinese government paid $3.4 billion for the right to mine valuable copper deposits and, over the next 25 years, expects to extract 11 million tons of copper. It looks like the Americans do the heavy lifting, and then the Chinese pick the fruit. Meanwhile, China has rebuffed U.S. requests to join the Afghan war effort, saying that China's national policy forbids military action abroad.

Communist China is significantly boosting its capabilities in cyberspace as a way to gather intelligence and, in the event of war, to hit the U.S. government in a weak spot. China apparently hopes that by concentrating on holes in U.S. security, China's communications and spy satellites and vast computer networks can collect intelligence to help China to overcome U.S. supremacy in any future conflict.

Communist China is going after the internet again, rolling out new measures to restrict its own citizens' ability to set up personal websites and view websites offering films, video games, and other entertainment. The measures will enhance the government's already strict control of any political opposition. Top government officials have stressed the need to police the internet on ideological and security grounds. Under the new controls, 700 websites have been shut down. These latest measures are a continuation of the government's increasingly sophisticated effort to control the internet's influence on 300 million Chinese users. In 2009, China blocked Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and thousands of other websites. The trend in China is toward tighter and tighter control by the Communist bosses.

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