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Friday, April 09, 2010

The Costs of Race to the Top

Race to the Top is the name of a $4.3 billion dollar project invented by Barack Obama and to be paid for by putting our children further into debt. It is offered to the states in exchange for agreeing to let the federal government overhaul our public education system, in other words, to give control to the federal government. If awarded a big-money grant, the states will be required to scrap the education standards it is now using and replace them with standards that are currently being written by a national consortium. This will eventually lead to National Standards for public school education. Schools will have to revamp their curriculum and textbooks to make sure they match the new standards. Even if school districts are already hurting for money, they will be required to update all their technical systems in order to comply. Once the grant money is used up, taxpayers will be stuck with paying for the system in which they have no voice.

When parents disagree with something that is being taught to their children, or disapprove of the textbooks they use, what are parents to do? Who can parents go to when their children are being taught things contrary to the parents' moral values? Texas Governor Rick Perry has refused to sign to put his state in the Race to the Top program for fear it would mean a federal takeover of Texas schools.

Other states should be warned of what it means to apply to get Race to the Top grants. Receipt of these federal taxpayer funds will eliminate parental involvement, silence parental objections over the curriculum being taught, replace local standards with national standards, nationalize textbooks, and impose a crushing debt on the states when the initial funds are gone. Parents should remember the old adage, He who pays the piper calls the tune. And parents, you may not like the feds dictating what your children are taught.

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