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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Transforming America

President Barack Obama has introduced an unfamiliar word into the political vocabulary: "transformation." He talks repeatedly about his desire to transform America. This word makes me nervous about our country's future. It isn't clear what he wants to transform America into. After all, a lot of us think that the United States is a great country with exceptional people who respect the Constitution as the fountainhead of the freedom and prosperity we enjoy. We wonder if the American people really want to transform us into a land where our government --

  • spends us into national bankruptcy, burdening our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt;
  • uses the public schools to create an Obama cult and train schoolchildren to work as activists for a very radical agenda,
  • "redistributes" your earnings and savings to non-taxpayers, with preferential financial handouts to promote the feminist/homosexual anti-marriage agenda,
  • "transforms" America into a land of weirdo Czars ruling entire industries, starting with banks, automobiles, and health care,
  • appoints "transnationalist" judges who will put U.S. courts and decisions under United Nations rulings, treaties, and foreign law.
I don't believe that American citizens want that kind of radical transformation. That's why Americans are attending Tea Parties and Town Hall Meetings, and political demonstrations of all kinds. That's why people who have never before in their entire lives done anything political are preparing to vote in the primaries and elections this year. I urge you to inform yourself about the issues, and especially about what Congress has done and not done. Our Founding Fathers left us a great system of self-government, but it won't produce good results unless good people, like the kind of people listing to this program, get active in this important year, vote for good candidates, and encourage your friends to do likewise.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your analysis of secular transformation by the elitists to CHANGE into secular humanistic religious zealots with no purpose except to destroy the Spirit of '76. What is really needed is a Spiritual Transformation by individuals to a New Creation that our Creator desires for each one of us...to be His instruments in bringing about the respect for the sanctity of human life at all stages of development and to be His living Church by our holistic exemplary examples of living the true purpose of our individual existence. The Prayer of St. Francis is a constant reminder of our cooperation with the Divine Plan to convert the "infidels" to a new way of Life using God's Plan of Love. This week is a reminder of our heritage and our responsibility to live as He lived daily. May His Peace, Joy, and Love continue to permeate our lives in union with His Mother Mary. May God continue to bless your mission to bring the Truth to the forefront of our everyday lives here on earth. All for Jesus through Mary with a Smile!

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