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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What's Wrong With Popular Vote Movement?

Reading the news about other countries conducting their elections is usually a depressing experience. Most other countries have many political parties, which means that no party or candidate ever gets a majority, and the wrangling continues as they try to create a coalition government. Then the counting of ballots goes on for days and even weeks. Sometimes countries change their rulers by a military coup against whomever is in power.

The United States has had a stable government for two centuries, and every change from one governing gang to another has been peaceful and accepted by the American people. The Founding Fathers created a unique system in the U.S. Constitution called the Electoral College. It is the mirror image of the great compromise that created Congress, recognizing both big population states and small states. The Electoral College respects the fact that we are both a nation of "We the people" and also a nation of individual states.

All of a sudden, a new movement has emerged called National Popular Vote that is trying to change our method of electing a President. They are not doing it in the proper way by proposing a constitutional amendment; they are trying to abolish the Electoral College by stealth. They go around the country to get state legislatures to pass a law that would order their state's presidential Electors to ignore how the people of their state voted and instead cast their Electoral College ballots for whoever they think won the most votes nationwide. This is offensive on many levels: first, because it is vote stealing on a massive scale, and second because it dishonestly makes people believe that they are voting for the candidate who got a majority of the popular vote, whereas there is no requirement that the candidate have a majority; he most usually will have only a plurality. Tell you state legislators to vote No on National Popular Vote. We like the U.S. Constitution the way it was written. It has served us well.

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