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Friday, May 07, 2010

Americans Should Study the Courts

I urge all Americans to attend House Meetings in order to study the extraordinary power of the judges who believe in the unconstitutional theory of a "living" Constitution, to learn what the judicial supremacists are doing to our Constitution, and what the American people can do to restrain supremacist judges. The best handbook to understand the problems of the judges is my book called The Supremacists; The Tyranny of Judges and How to Stop It. It's a good book for study purposes because you don't have a to be a lawyer to read and understand it. Concerned Americans need to know what the stakes are when President Obama fills judicial vacancies. Concerned Americans should participate in Judicial House Meetings in order to have all the good arguments on the tip of their tongue to tell your Members of Congress that we are not going to tolerate supremacist judges doing such things as trying to deny our right to recite the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.In addition to preparing for battles over Supreme Court vacancies, the filling of vacancies on the lower federal courts is vitally important, too. That's because the Supreme Court accepts only one percent of the cases that seek to be heard by the High Court.

My book The Supremacists has a chapter on each one of the lines of cases that have been rapidly taking away constitutional rights since Earl Warren was Chief Justice in the 1950s. You can have a House Meeting on each line of cases: religion, property rights, life and feminism, parents rights, marriage, pornography, immigration, elections, taxes, and use of foreign law.

All concerned Americans are urged to attend House Meetings to study the danger to our Constitution, our freedoms and our sovereignty from supremacist judges and learn what citizens can do about it. My book The Supremacists is now freely available on Eagle Forum's website (www.eagleforum.org). You can download each chapter separately for discussion at a House Meeting.

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