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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Federal Courts Manifest Bias Against Religion

It was so long ago that the U.S. Supreme Court outlawed prayer in public schools that most Americans have forgotten what a public uproar that caused back in 1962. Since then, the lower federal courts have taken their cue and manifested an even more virulent anti-religion bias, plus a bias to uphold the public schools' power to take even more extreme anti-religion positions than the Constitution could possibly require. Public schools bend over backwards to avoid being sued by the atheists, take an anti-religion position, and then are upheld by supremacist judges.* In New Jersey, an award-winning high school football coach was ordered by his intolerant school district not to join his football players when they engaged in voluntary prayer. Then he was ordered that he could not even bow his head or “take a knee” during any student-initiated prayers. The coach sued and the trial judge ruled in his favor. Then the Third Circuit Court of Appeals reversed that lower-court ruling and upheld the New Jersey school in prohibiting the coach from participating in student prayers by just bowing his head, even when the prayers were student-initiated.

* In Nevada, censors pulled the plug of the microphone in the middle of the high school valedictorian’s speech when she mentioned her Christian faith.
* In Virginia, a high school removed from a bulletin board materials posted by a teacher just because they included reference to a day of prayer.
* In Wisconsin, a student received a zero on an art project because he added a cross and five words from Scripture to his drawing of a landscape.
* In the state of Washington, classical music with religious names was banned at graduation. The school ordered that only "secular" music would be allowed even though no lyrics were to be sung or words spoken by the students.

I urge all Americans to study what supremacist judges are doing in our schools and to our culture.

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