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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Give Your Kids a Real Head Start

When it comes to getting small children ready for school, it's not enough to go shopping for clothes and school supplies. There is something else you can do that will be benefit your kids more than new clothes.Recently, I came across a book that puts new light on the task of getting small children ready for Kindergarten. It's a sort of game that can be fun, won't cost anything, and can turn out to have aa big result. The book is called 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad by Jay Payleitner. The purpose of the game is to get your kid ready for the challenge of kindergarten.

One of the things that kindergartners are taught is the concept of opposites, and you, the parents, can teach that just as well as any kindergarten teacher. You can play opposites like a game. Even your three-year-old can easily grasp the idea of opposites: hot/cold, up/down, fast/slow/ big/little. It you play this game with enthusiasm, your pre-kindergartner will find it fun. Then, when opposites are taught in kindergarten class, your child will already know about them and be able to speak up with the answer, and appear smarter than the other kids in the class. Your kid will develop the confidence that comes with knowing the answers to the teacher's questions.

You can also present some simple multiplication examples. However, don't ask a three-year-old "What's five times two?' Instead, ask "What's five two times?" Help your child to figure the answer out on his own.

Simple exercises like these from Jay Payleitner's book will give your kid confidence in himself and enable the teachers to have higher-than-average expectations for your child's success. Funny thing about expectations, they often tend to come true. The name of this helpful book is 52 Things Kids Need from a Dad.

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