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Monday, May 31, 2010

How China Treats Its Kids with Drugs

One of China's best-known investigative reporters, Wang Keqin, published a newspaper article in the China Economic Times about provincial authorities improperly storing vaccines in rooms without air-conditioning, thereby rendering them ineffective. The vaccines were then administered to children as though they were okay. Chen Taoan, chief spokesman of the Shanxi Province Disease Control and Prevention Center, said all hospitals in the province were required to buy vaccines at steep prices. The reason for this is curious. The government puts a sticker on each package of vaccine to show that it was approved. But the stickers would not stay stuck to the packages in air-conditioned rooms, so in 2006 and 2007 the vaccines were routinely transferred to a warm room so the stickers would stay attached. The reporter said, "I saw boxes and boxes of vaccines piled up high like a hill in a hot room without air-conditioning. I complained more then 30 times that these vaccines were no longer effective." If the Chinese treat drugs for their own children so dangerously, how can we assume they will be careful about drugs exported to America? A high percentage of the ingredients used in U.S. prescription drugs now comes from China, and there is little or no inspection by Chinese or by Americans of how they are manufactured and stored.

Anybody who thinks that Communist China is our friend should read the statements of Chinese officials. Recent remarks by Chinese military officials show that the Beijing Communist government is not peaceful after all, but is actually moving toward an aggressive, anti-U.S posture. A new government-approved book by Senior Col. Liu Mingfu urges China to "sprint" toward becoming the world's most powerful state. This book challenges the thesis espoused by many U.S. China-watchers as to the real purpose of China's rapid military growth. The book states that China and the United States are in "competition to be the leading country, a conflict over who [will] dominate the world."

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