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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Obamacare versus Freedom

Congress passed the Obama Health Control Law with a bare majority, but passage certainly doesn't end the controversy. This issue will stick around to plague the Democrats not only through the 2010 elections but for the rest of Obama's Administration. That's because the American people have figured out that the issue is not health care; it's about freedom. It's about whether Obama will succeed in "fundamentally transforming" the American nation, which he said he wants to do. And the first leg of that transformation is to put complete control over every individual's health into the hands of government bureaucrats. Opposition to this Health Control Law is manifesting itself in Tea Parties, Town Hall Meetings, a tsunami of phone calls to the U.S. Capitol, and spontaneous demonstrations in unprecedented numbers.
But that's not all. The revolt against Obama's Health Control Law has also reached state capitols. Virginia was the first state legislature to pass a Freedom of Choice in Health Care Act to protect Virginians' right to make their own health care and health insurance choices, to pay directly for medical care, and to prohibit any individual or employer from being penalized for not buying government-defined health insurance. Idaho has the first state Governor to sign a Freedom of Choice in Health Care law. And, the Arizona Legislature placed an Arizona Health Care Freedom Act on the ballot as a proposed state constitutional amendment. Similar measures are under consideration in 35 other states. Oklahoma passed a law to allow its citizens to opt out of Obamacare. Utah passed three resolutions, one of which asserts the "inviolable sovereignty of the State of Utah under the Tenth Amendment to the Constitution."

Tomorrow I'll tell you more about actions the states are taking to protect their own citizens from the punitive provisions of Obama's Health Control Law.

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