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Monday, May 10, 2010

Texas Kicks Out Liberal Bias from Textbooks

"Don't Mess with Texas" is a popular slogan in Texas. By a 10-to-5 margin, the Texas State Board of Education just told liberals to stop "messing" with social studies textbooks. For years, liberals have imposed their revisionist history on public school students, expunging important facts and historic figures while loading the textbooks with liberal propaganda, distortions and cliches. It's easy to get a quick lesson in the virulent leftwing bias by checking the index and noting how textbooks treat President Ronald Reagan and Senator Joseph McCarthy.When parents object to leftwing inclusions and omissions, claiming that they should have something to say about what their own children are being taught and how their taxpayers' money is spent, they are often vilified as "book burners" and belittled as uneducated primitives who should allow the "experts" to decide. These self-identified "experts" are alumni of liberal teachers colleges and are probably members of a leftwing teachers union.

In most states, the liberal education establishment enjoys total control over the state's board of education, department of education, and curriculum committees. Texas is different; the Texas State Board of Education is elected, and the people have a voice. Texas is uniquely important in textbook content because the state of Texas is the largest single purchaser of textbooks. Publishers can hardly afford to print different versions for other states, so Texas curriculum standards have nationwide influence.

The review of the social studies curriculum (covering U.S. Government, American History, World History and Economics) comes up every ten years, and 2010 is one of those years. Of course, those who want to fill textbooks with liberal propaganda have the support of the media, but in Texas, for a change, the good guys won. Tomorrow I'll tell you how it happened. It's a story you won't read in your mainstream newspapers.

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