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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Truth about the Texas Textbook Flap

The controversy about the Texas State School Board's decision about Social Studies textbooks got a lot of national press coverage, but it was usually very lopsided in favor of the liberals. Here is the truth about what happened.
The liberals had proposed history revisions such as eliminating Independence Day, Christopher Columbus, Thomas Edison, Daniel Boone and Neil Armstrong, and replacing Christmas with Diwali. The State School Board responded with common-sense improvements. Thomas Edison, the world's greatest inventor, was restored to American History textbooks. Schoolchildren will no longer be misled into believing that capitalism and the free market are dirty words or that America has an unjust economic system. Instead, they will learn how the free-enterprise system gave our nation and the world so much that is good for so many people.

Liberals don't like the concept of American Exceptionalism. The liberals want to teach what's wrong with America instead of what's right and successful. The Texas School Board voted to include describing how American Exceptionalism is based on values that are unique and different from other nations. Texas curriculum standards will henceforth accurately describe the U.S. government as a "constitutional republic" rather than as a democracy. The secularists tried to remove reference to the religious basis for the founding of America, but that was voted down. The School Board specified that teaching about the Bill of Rights should include a reference to the right to keep and bear arms. Some school curricula pretend the Second Amendment doesn't exist.

It's no secret that the people who control public schools are at war with our nation's history, culture and achievements. Since taxpayers foot the bill, it is long overdue for a state board of education to correct many textbook lies about our magnificent national heritage and achievements.

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