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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Democrats Try to Lock Up Their Base

"You have to decide what your goals are." That's what the Democratic staffer who wrote the marriage penalty into Obama's Health Control Law told a Wall Street Journal reporter. Indeed, the Democrats and their feminist allies have decided that one of their major goals is to increase the number of single moms by increasing the flow of taxpayer-paid incentives that subsidize the non-marriage lifestyle. This plan locks in this group's dependence on government and allegiance to the Democratic Party. The plan is conveniently set forth in a 60-page document called "Advancing the Economic Security of Unmarried Women" just published by John Podesta's leftwing think tank called Center for American Progress.

The Democrats know that 70% of unmarried women voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 election. It's obviously part their political game plan to keep that group voting for Democratic candidates. The feminists, who have always been anti-marriage and very anti-fulltime-homemaker, consider it progress that women are now half the workforce and are major breadwinners for their children. As chief feminist Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her 1977 tax-funded book Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, the concept of breadwinning husband and homemaking wife "must be eliminated." When husband-breadwinner is eliminated, single moms look to Big Brother Government as provider. Handouts to broken families require more bureaucrats, higher taxes, and bigger government. Democrats are glad to claim credit for facilitating the taxpayer subsidies.

The John Podesta document sets the stage for the Democrats' legislative proposals by asserting that our definition of family is "outdated, stuck in the 1950s notion of a nuclear family that excludes too many of today's nontraditional families." The Podesta document sets forth 83 pieces of congressional legislation that will funnel taxpayers' money to single moms.

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Single moms wouldn't need government support if they were paid equally in their work.

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