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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A "Peace Through Strength" Platform

In a world of growing threats to freedom and our U.S. Constitution, America's very existence is at risk. We should demand that all our political candidates this year endorse a comprehensive national security posture that is relevant to the threats posed by nations and groups that are or could be our enemies. Here is check list of points that ought to be in that platform.

1. Renewed adherence to the national security philosophy of President Ronald Reagan, "Peace Through Strength." Our security is best assured by having superior military forces, fully trained and equipped, always ready to deter or defeat any adversary.
2. A safe, reliable, effective, and superior nuclear deterrent. This requires continual modernization and testing.
3. Preservation of U.S. sovereignty against international treaties and the use of foreign law in our judicial rulings, and the abandonment of all the ridiculous proposals to submerge the United States in a North American Union or any kind of union with Canada and Mexico.
4. Adherence to the United States Constitution and complete rejection of Shariah, which is the brutal totalitarian law of Islamic states, and which their terrorists are fighting to impose worldwide.
5. Better protection against terrorists. We can't depend on our good luck of having terrorists who are incompetent, like the underwear bomber and the Times Square bomber.
6. Energy independence to reduce and ultimately eliminate our dependence on energy sold to us by our enemies.
7. Borders that are secure against penetration by terrorists, illegal drugs, and illegal aliens.
8. Judges who enforce the Constitution as written and do not claim that it is a "living" Constitution they can interpret according to their own biases.

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