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Friday, June 11, 2010

POLITICO Arena: Colleen Holmes's response to 'Deficit politics: Who wins?'

Colleen Holmes
Republicans have succeeded and will continue to succeed when they adhere to the party’s platform, which dictates limited government, fiscal responsibility and the utmost respect for life and human dignity.

Republicans are working hard to demonstrate that they’ve learned that acting like liberals, spending taxpayer dollars and inflating national debt to achieve “compassion” was misguided. Americans are now demanding the true compassion the Republican platform accomplishes by protecting taxpayers and maintaining a free market economy, which allows all Americans to thrive, prosper and compassionately contribute according to their consciences.

The Republican platform’s unequivocal commitment to protecting human life has the added advantage of protecting taxpayers’ wallets and consciences by prohibiting taxpayer-funded abortion (a prohibition that polling consistently indicates that more than 60 percent of Americans favor regardless of whether they consider themselves pro-life or pro-choice).

Americans looking for solutions to the nation’s debt and spending problems will find them in the Republican Party platform, and they must demand that the politicians who subscribe to it adhere to it once they take office.

Source: POLITICO.com

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