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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Problems with the START Treaty with Russia

After the Cold War was over, after the Berlin Wall came down, and Mikail Gorbachev started giving lectures in the United States, Americans stopped worrying about a surprise nuclear attack. However, Russia did not destroy its nuclear weapons. They are still there. And Russia continues to give priority to its nuclear warfighting capabilities.

President Barack Obama acts as though all this doesn't matter. This year he went to Prague in the Czech Republic and signed a treaty with Russia that is called START. Obama refers to this treaty as a "fundamental part" of realizing his goal of a "world without nuclear weapons." He is really talking about a world in which the United States is without nuclear weapons, while at the same time evil men in other countries continue to build and modernize them.

The START treaty reads as though it were written exclusively by the Russians. Provision after provision reflects Russian preferences, not America's interests. For example, the START treaty would require us to reduce U.S. forces to the levels Russia can afford rather than to the level that is safe for the United States. The treaty will require deep cuts in U.S. delivery systems and may endanger America's strategic nuclear Triad.

The START treaty allows Russia to manipulate how warheads and bombers are counted. Russia will be able to exercise a veto over the quality and quantity of U.S. missile defenses. There are serious problems associated with verifying the provisions of the treaty. Apparently Obama never heard of Ronald Reagan's rule, "Trust but verify." The new START treaty is cumbersome, unnecessary, and disadvantageous to the United States. Obama has decided not to maintain an effective U.S. deterrent. This poses enormous risks to our people as various enemies continue to build their weapons of mass destruction.

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