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Monday, June 21, 2010

Some Pay and Some Receive

The news that the United States has become a two-class society: half of Americans pay federal income taxes and half don't, has bounced around the media and shocked Americans. Even worse is the reality that 40% of Americans receive federal government handouts of cash and valuable benefits. Those handouts are financed by the people who do pay federal income taxes. Those handouts create a tremendous bloc of people who depend on the government for their living expenses. The Tax Foundation reports that 20% of Americans now get three-fourths of their income from the federal government, and another 20% get nearly half of their income from the government.

These facts mean that every poor person in the United States is given about $22,500 a year. And where does that money come from? It comes from married couples, because they are the ones who pay three-fourths of all federal income taxes. It is clear that Americans who are married are the ones who bear the burden of providing billions of dollars in welfare aid to single parents, who are mostly women.
The Republican Congress passed welfare reform in 1996. The goal of welfare reform was to help families move to employment and self-sufficiency and end long-term dependence on government assistance. However, this policy was repealed by Obama's Stimulus, which now pays bonuses to states that increase their welfare caseloads, thereby increasing the number of families on welfare dependency.

Obama's real goal is a permanent expansion of the welfare system. Nothing promotes that goal as much as discouraging marriage and providing financial incentives to increase the number of single moms. Single moms have become a fast growing demographic group that demands a growing welfare industry. They look to Big Brother government as a provider and the solution to their problems. That's the goal of the Obama liberals: a society dependent on the government.

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