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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

We Don't Need a New Constitution

George Washington, James Madison and Ben Franklin did a magnificent job of producing our United States Constitution. Washington and Madison both called it a "miracle." It has lasted over 220 years, protecting our liberty while accommodating our geographic, economic, and population expansion. Now some politicians (from both Right and Left) have the conceit and arrogance to think they can do a better job than the Founding Fathers. So they are promoting the calling of a new Constitutional Convention (colloquially called a Con Con). These politicians naively think they will be able to control the Convention and improve on the wording of our existing Constitution

It is much more likely that Barack Obama will rally his supporters to elect pro-Obama Delegates and dictate procedural rules and constitutional changes to "spread the wealth around." There is nothing wrong with our 220-year-old Constitution except that some politicians and judges don't obey it. The solution is to elect officials who obey our Constitution -- not rewrite or change the Constitution we have. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

What if a Constitutional Convention was really called? Obama would use his "Organizing for America," ACORN, government-union members, and George Soros's money to elect Con Con Delegates. The Delegates would be trained and instructed by Obama via the internet just like the people who assembled in his 3,587 House Meetings last February to demand passage of his trillion-dollar (but worthless) Stimulus. The Mainstream Media would support Obama in his goal of "fundamentally transforming the United States of America," and the media would select who would be featured on TV. Once a Con Con is called, it will be too late to stop it if we don't like its agenda.

Tell your representatives to vote No on any proposal to call a new convention that could rewrite our wonderful United States Constitution.

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