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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Obama Prevaricates about Jobs

The high unemployment we suffer today is devastating to more Americans than the oil spill in the Gulf, but Barack Obama still doesn't get it. He bragged to an audience of truckers in Maryland that our economy is "getting stronger by the day." The U.S. Labor Department reports a very different picture. The number of long-term unemployed, who are Americans out of work for 27 or more weeks, is at its highest level since the Labor Department began collecting such data in the 1940s. In May, nine-tenths of the jobs added were government jobs. Unemployment of young men is the highest in 61 years of record-keeping, and the numbers for minority teenagers are tragic.

The rest of America may be suffering from a recession, but it's boom time for federal employees. On average, federal employees are paid $70,000 a year compared to $40,000 for workers in the private sector. Those figures are just the start of the joy of being a federal employee. When you include health care and retirement benefits, federal employees average almost double what private sector employees receive: $120,000 versus $60,000, and they get pay raises practically every year. And, federal employees don't have to worry about their jobs being transferred to China or Mexico.

The best way Obama could reduce unemployment is to cut taxes on those who create jobs (corporations and investors), but that's absolutely not his game plan. The second best way to create jobs would be to stop importing foreign workers. Each year, a million and a half foreigners are brought into our country and given work permits. That's a million and a half jobs a year that do not go to our own unemployed. The enforcement of E-Verify would make available to Americans the jobs now held by 8 million aliens.

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