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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Texas' New Social Studies Standards

After months of heated discussion, the Texas State Board of Education gave final approval to new social studies and history guidelines. The liberal media accused the conservative majority of politicizing history, but the board chairman said the new guidelines merely bring balance into a curriculum that had been skewed to the left over years of liberal control. Contrary to most states, the Texas State School Board is elected by the people, so it is more responsive to parents and the public than the school boards that are appointed by a Governor or the state department of education.

You will probably recall from my previous broadcasts that the liberals had proposed eliminating from textbooks mention of Independence Day, Christopher Columbus, Daniel Boone and Neil Armstrong. Liberals don't like the concept of American Exceptionalism, so they even wanted to eliminate Thomas Edison, the world's greatest inventor. The conservatives restored him to history textbooks. The liberals want to teach what's wrong with America instead of what's right and successful. But the conservative state school board saw to it that schoolchildren will no longer be misled into believing that capitalism and the free market are dirty words or that America has an unjust economic system. Instead, they will learn how the free-enterprise system gave our nation and the world so much that is good for so many people.

The new standards for social studies textbooks require students to discuss efforts by the United Nations and globalists to undermine U.S. sovereignty. Students will be instructed to contrast the First Amendment’s freedom of religion clause with the phrase “separation of church and state.” The new social studies standards will guide the teaching of Texas students over the next ten years.

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