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Friday, July 30, 2010

When Phyllis Schlafly Speaks the Truth, Democrats Call It ‘Extremism’

Phyllis Schlafly is one of conservatism’s great heroines. Both Michelle Malkin and Ann Coulter acknowledge Schlafly’s influence as a role model. Forty-six years after her rallying cry for Goldwater, A Choice Not an Echo, and three decades after she led the crusade to stop ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, she’s still driving liberals nuts:

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Roger said...

A Huff. Post column "Phyllis Schlafly sent Democratic activists hurtling toward their moral indignation machines". As proof of her (supposedly bad) decades of conservative influence, it says, "Search for books on Sen. Joseph McCarthy on amazon, and you will find more sympathetic volumes than have ever been in circulation."

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