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Monday, July 26, 2010

Will Green Policies Bankrupt America?

You may have heard that environmental policies are camouflage for raising taxes and seizing political power. Christopher Horner presents the research to prove this in his new book called Power Grab: How Obama’s Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America. Horner provides a relentless series of facts that demonstrate how environmentalists and the government are well aware of the destructive consequences of their proposals.

What about their claim that windmills can generate enough power to replace most, and possibly all, our coal-fired plants? In fact, it would take hundreds of square miles of densely placed windmills to supplant even one coal-fired plant, and that assumes constant rather than intermittent wind. Windmills depend on the wind, and therefore work less than one-third of the time. They require duplicate investment in back-up electricity if blackouts are to be avoided. “They can’t do it. The technology’s not there.” Despite lip service to domestic exploration and energy independence, our government is systematically dismantling the very policies and infrastructure we need. President Obama has locked up energy-rich land, and established a moratorium on off-shore drilling.

Chris Horner says that Obama’s real goals are revealed by his choices of a radical population control advocate for his chief science advisor and a climate czar with a well-known law-breaking and prevaricating past. He names big corporations who have hitched their wagons to “climate” legislation and expect to cash in through government contracts, consumer mandates and other political favors.

Power Grab is a disturbing book with a lot of bad news. When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s said that cap-and-trade legislation is about “jobs, jobs and jobs,” “She didn’t mention that those jobs were in China, Mexico, India and elsewhere – not here” in the United States.

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