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Monday, August 30, 2010

Bringing Up Girls

This may be the most challenging time to raise girls in modern history, according to psychologist Dr. James Dobson, but parents can still raise confident girls with commendable character. It's been ten years since Dr. Dobson wrote his best-seller called Bringing Up Boys, so it's time for him to give good advice about girls, which he does in his new book, entitled Bringing Up Girls.

Always a fountain of common sense, Dr. Dobson uses the latest research to make the case that physiological hardwiring makes females wonderfully distinct from males beginning in the womb. His explanations of hormonal and neurological differences help us to understand why girls behave as they do, and he gives suggestions on how parents can better relate to daughters as they progress through developmental stages. The complicated relationship between a girl and her mother is examined from several angles, and Dobson makes a special effort to communicate just how desperately girls need the attention and affection of their fathers. Men usually understand that they have something unique to offer their sons, but often underestimate their contributions to their daughters.

Dr. Dobson explains research that shows that a fathers's interactions with his daughter (or lack thereof) impact everything from a girl's self-image to when her sexual activity begins. There is plenty of bad news about girls' early promiscuity and eating disorders, but the good news is that studies show that parents who cultivate strong relationships with their daughters and supervise them closely can help prevent them from engaging in destructive behavior. In his famous conversational tone, Dr. Dobson weaves empirical research with letters from little girls, his own experiences as a father, interviews, and question and answer segments. The name of this helpful book by Dr. James Dobson is Bringing Up Girls.

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