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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Can Obama Buy Women’s Love?

Obama has to hold the women if he wants to keep his job as President. Apparently he thinks it helps to do so by hugging them, as he did the women of ABC’s “The View,” a kind of everywoman’s Ratpack show. Reportedly, 5.6 million watched Obama’s appearance July 29. He also makes an effort to embrace women at his unstoppable string of post-election campaign stops.

The country has 8 million more women than men, and 57 percent of the pro-Obama vote in 2008 came from women, according to Gallup polling; and 65 percent of the unmarried females voted for him. Some 67 percent of the least educated—those with some grade school learning–cast votes for him.

In case hugs alone don’t work, Obama can expect some return from his Executive Order creating the White House Council on Women and Girls to deal with issues they face and—the document said– “to ensure that all Cabinet and Cabinet-level agencies across the federal government consider how their policies and programs” address the needs of women and girls, including women of color.

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Stan McCullars said...

Given the high percentage of women that voted for Obama it would seem that women sell their love rather cheaply.

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