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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chris Matthews promotes the mosque

Chris Matthews of MSNBC just said on his TV show:
I have just cited a major national poll that says most Republicans don't like Islam, period. I have just quoted Rush Limbaugh from today's broadcast where he is making it sound like we elected a guy who is Islamic and therefore we are not anti-Islamic. Playing that old game again, that canard again, that he's really not a Christian. I would think if I were a guy sitting in a Cairo cafe right not, I'd be thinking, "I don't really want to go to Michigan State and study engineering, because those people don't like me."
Here is the Pew poll. The first three questions have been "held for future release". Question 5 was "Would you say you have a generally favorable or unfavorable opinion of Islam?" None of the respondents were Moslems.

I am not sure why anyone should have a favorable view of a different religion. If you belong to some religion other than Islam, then you have some set of beliefs that you regard more favorably than Islam. So surely all 100% of respondents have a less favorable view of Islam. I suspect that Democrats are less likely to say so, only because they are more eager to sound more tolerant.

Rush's point is that if Americans were truly bigoted against Islam, then we would not have elected a President with an Islamic name. That is a true statement, and it in no way implies that we would dislike a student from Cairo.

This is typical for illogical partisan propaganda on MSNBC.

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