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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Diminishing Power of Big Media

The bad news about the media is that what we call the mainstream media are just as leftwing as ever and have what Bernard Goldberg called “a slobbering love affair with Obama.” But the good news is that the power of big media is diminishing. Newspapers and networks are steadily losing audience. The big television networks all do market research to find out who is listing to their programs. The expensive TV ads they run on CBS, NBC, ABC Evening News prove that the networks know that their current audience is just old folks. The ads are mostly for drugs to deal with seniors' problems: osteoporosis, heart attacks, arthritis, heartburn, cholesterol, cancer, alzeimer’s, scalp stress, gray hair, cataracts, backache, restless leg syndrome, false teeth cleaner, and other conditions I prefer not to hear mentioned on television.

Meanwhile, conservatives are developing new channels of communication and ways to bypass big media. We now have mighty tools to talk and plan with each other. When I was fighting to stop the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, our only channels of communication were the telephone and the Phyllis Schlafly Report mailed by snail mail. We didn’t have internet, computers, email, or even fax machines. Now, to spread our message and find new activists, conservatives have talk radio, the internet, and conservative websites that report the news without leftwing spin.

I urge all concerned Americans to be part of the solution of our national problems in 2010! I urge you to speak out publicly to spread the conservative message. Senior citizens should write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines. Seniors can also make phone calls to legislators and to the White House Opinion Line where volunteers count the calls coming in.

Since young conservatives are generally computer-savvy, they should use this talent to blog and twitter with the conservative message. Keep the talk lively. Blog both about what conservatives are for and what they are against.

Listen to this commentary:

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