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Monday, August 23, 2010

Patent Reform Is a Sellout of America

Every time I hear the word "reform" I get suspicious. That word is often used to conceal the real purpose of legislation that the public doesn't want. This is certainly true of the current bill in Congress called Patent Reform. It is really a sellout of American rights to placate foreign interests. The United States has the best patent system in the world, which is why America has produced 95% of the world's great inventions. Other countries are jealous and want to steal our innovative ideas so they can produce them with their own cheap labor.

Our current patent system does have some problems, but the so-called reform bill does nothing to solve them. The patent office does have a high personnel turnover rate, but the legislation does nothing to relieve that. The patent office has had a big increase in the number of patent applications, but the legislation does nothing to reduce the workload. A big problem is the backlog of applications pending and the longer time it takes to grant a patent, but the proposed legislation does nothing to speed up the work. One of the biggest problems is that current law requires the patent office to make all invention applications public after only 18 months, even before a patent is granted, thereby allowing foreigners to steal it. The proposed legislation does not even address this problem.

Foreigners are looking forward to this legislation making it easier to steal our inventions. A major Communist Chinese official, Yongshun Cheng, stated bluntly that the proposed U.S. patent bill is bad news for American innovation and good news for foreign infringers. He pointed out that the bill "is friendlier to the infringers than to the patentees in general as it will make the patent less reliable, easier to be challenged, and cheaper to be infringed."

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