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Friday, August 20, 2010

You Can Host a House Meeting

You can host a House Meeting for your friends and neighbors. All this takes is a willing host to invite 10 to 20 friends, a computer, and probably some simple refreshments. House Meeting hosts who are not computer-savvy should can call on their children or grandchildren for help.

House Meetings were how Obama got his multi-billion-dollar Stimulus bill passed by Congress last year. He called on his supporters to host or attend what he called “Economic Recovery House Meetings.” Those who attended watched a 4-minute YouTube clip in which Obama urged his supporters to “come together, organize, and stay involved in the task of remaking this nation.” They then watched a 10-minute sales talk promoting the Stimulus package, and downloaded talking points from the Internet. Their discussions were guided by a list of questions printed off the Internet. At the end of the meeting, the host instructed that “it is now our mission” to get the word out about the Stimulus by talking, texting and sending e-mail messages to friends and neighbors to mold public opinion. Obama boasted that 3,587 Economic Recovery House Meetings were held, covering all 50 states and every congressional district.

If Obama can organize the grassroots with House Meetings in every congressional district, conservatives surely should be able to do likewise and hold a series of House Meetings on the major issues: spending and debt; redistribution of the wealth with taxes and handouts; invasion by illegal aliens; giving away our sovereignty by United Nations treaties; appointment of judges who believe the Constitution is a “living” piece of paper that they can reinterpret with leftwing bias; outsourcing of good jobs; the radical feminists’ attack on men and marriage so that the taxpayers are providing living expenses for 40% of Americans; public-school recruitment of kids to become activists for liberal causes; and Obama’s weirdo Czars.

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You Can Host a House Meeting

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