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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Attacking net neutrality

The buzz phrase net neutrality was a big liberal cause a couple of years ago, and its biggest supporter was Google. But now Google has flip-flopped, and come out against it. But this Scripps News article blames Tea Party activists, who are also against it. The article is biased towards the Obama administration, so I am translating some of it for you.
By opting for corporate control of the Internet rather than government regulation, Tea Party activists may be acting against their own best interests, say people knowledgeable about the fight.
Translation: The smart people say that Tea Party activists are stupid.
They oppose net neutrality -- the notion that the federal government should establish rules of the road to prevent companies from indiscriminately blocking or slowing traffic for their own competitive advantage.
Translation: If companies are allowed to give the consumer what he wants, then the companies that do might be more popular then the companies that do not.
For Tea Party activists who think the government is already too heavily involved in private affairs, the issue of net neutrality is deceptively simple -- the government should keep its hands off the Internet. But that position contains a potentially profound unintended consequence for an Internet-based grassroots movement: getting inferior service or paying more to get premium service.
Translation: In a free market, some people will pay more money to get better services.

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