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Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's Celebrate Constitution Day

Today, September 17th, is Constitution Day, and it's too bad that it isn't a national holiday like Independence Day. However, the legacy of the late Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia is the federal law he sponsored requiring all schools that receive federal funding to teach something about the Constitution on Constitution Day. And we can credit the Tea Parties for encouraging grassroots Americans to have a renewed interest in and appreciation of our great Constitution, the fountainhead of our liberties. I hear more citizens making constitutional arguments today than ever before. More people are actually reading the Constitution and carrying around a pocket Constitution for reference.

I believe the grassroots believe that much of what the Obama Administration is doing, such as the massive Health Control Law, is unconstitutional, particularly because of its requirement that we all must buy a health insurance policy that is approved by the government. We boast that America has a government of limited and delegated powers, so where did Congress get the power to require all citizens to buy a particular product? Now that the government owns a controlling interest in General Motors, could the government pass a law requiring all of us to buy a General Motors automobile? Liberals claim that this mandate is authorized by the Commerce Clause in the Constitution, but no court has ever held that the Commerce Clause extends government power that far.

Missouri, America's bellwether state, had a proposition on its ballot last month, on August 3rd. The voters in the Show-Me state voted overwhelmingly, 3 to 1, to reject Obamacare's federal mandate to buy health insurance. It was a stunning rebuke to the Obama Administration, and it gave Republicans a running start on their national campaign to repeal and replace Obama's much disliked Health Care law passed earlier this year.

The best way to celebrate Constitution Day is to find a copy and read it. I urge all my listeners to do exactly that.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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Eugene Garner said...

Our Constitution is under attack by the very representatives that we elected. It is not just the democrats since the republicans have passed their share of unconstitutional abortions.

If we do not stop this trend we are headed for 3rd world status and perpetual debt slavery.

We need to rid our government of all that fail to obey and protect the Constitution and elect those that won’t be tempted by the special interests that infest Washington DC.

Also it is time for some serious criminal investigations into our elected for war crimes and violation of Constitutional laws. All elected take an oath to obey and protect the Constitution. Violation of that oath is treason.

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