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Friday, September 10, 2010

The NEA Wants to Teach Kids about Sex

Would you like to hear about some more resolutions adopted by the National Education Association, the NEA, at its annual convention held this summer in New Orleans? I am continually amazed at how leftwing the resolutions are even though surveys of NEA membership report that this teachers union has more conservative members than liberals.

The NEA adopts a whole bunch of resolutions promoting the gay rights agenda, and the delegates wore a lot of gay rights buttons that you can see a picture of in the August Education Reporter. You can also read the text of these resolutions. Resolution after resolution talks about teaching kids to value appreciation for diversity and different kinds of sexual orientation and gender identification (whatever that is). The NEA urges its members to develop and implement training programs on these subjects and to recruit and hire teachers who represent these diversities in order to offer role models to the kids.

The NEA resolution on Sex Education makes clear that the NEA wants public schools to be in charge of providing all instruction about sex. The resolution proclaims that it is the right of every child to have freely available information and knowledge about sexuality, including information on birth control, family planning, diversity of culture, sexual orientation, gender identification, incest, sexual harassment, and homophobia. The NEA is also on record as supporting abortion.

The NEA passed another long resolution promoting "comprehensive social and psychological programs and services." The word "comprehensive" usually covers material that parents would not approve of and, indeed, the resolution makes clear that they want to teach this information to kids on a "confidential" basis, which means not telling parents what they are doing.

Listen to the radio commentary here:

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