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Monday, September 06, 2010

Stimulus Money Is a Waste

On this Labor Day, which is a national holiday to honor American workers, millions of Americans will be worrying about getting or holding a job to support their families. President Obama apparently thinks he can create new jobs by taking our country deeper into debt that will hang over the shoulders of our children and grandchildren for many years into the future. Most people have the common sense to know that nobody can spend ourselves into prosperity. The billions of Stimulus money Obama have already spent have only made UNemployment worse, yet he is still demanding that Congress vote another Stimulus package.

Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain compiled a list of just a few of the very questionable projects that are being funded with money from the $862 billion dollar economic Stimulus package passed last year. Stimulus money will be spent on grotesquely wasteful projects such as dogs and dinosaurs, dance and ants. Here are some specific items in the Stimulus law.

A study of monkeys' behavior while giving them cocaine.
$700,000 for research on improvised music.
A project on interactive dance, for which nearly half of the money goes to overhead.
$1.9 million to photograph the insect ants in foreign countries.
$712,883 to Northwestern University for a project called "Computational Creativity: Building a Model of Machine-Generated Humor."
$762,372 to the University of North Carolina in Charlotte to develop "interactive dance software."

The American people want jobs in private industry, not government jobs. And the way to create jobs is to cut taxes and cut regulations so small business employers will see a future for the products and services they sell.

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