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Monday, September 27, 2010

Will the U.S. Imitate the European Union?

In an important new book, former journalism teacher Orlean Koehle exposes the plan to form a North American Union similar to the European Union by bringing about an economic and political merger between the United States, Mexico and Canada. Borders between the three countries would be erased, and they would share only an outer security "perimeter." The U.S. executive branch has entered into a series of agreements and treaties that move us towards this North American Union without congressional or citizen oversight. For example, the author describes a meeting between then-President George W. Bush, Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005 to form what they called the Security and Prosperity Partnership. The purpose was to bring about "convergence, harmonization and integration" of the laws and policies of the three nations.

The ultimate goal of this plan, asserts the author, is global governance and economic integration under a socialist regime. She quotes from globalist proponents and their actions to prove the existence of their plan. The strength of the book is Orlean Koehle's meticulous documentation. She provides an abundance of quotes from people and public records, along with relevant citations. Many of the sources are government and news organization websites, so readers can easily check the facts for themselves.

Mrs. Koehle's book includes the history of the United Nations, the European Union, and the NAFTA superhighway, which are all key parts of the push for one-world government. One chapter offers encouraging examples of ordinary citizens, legislators and public figures who have thwarted parts of the globalist plans, at least for now. The name of this important book by Orlean Koehle is By Stealth and Deception: USA Transformation and its Parallel to the European Union.

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